Checks and Balances

“Well I know I never have to worry about you judging me; your house isn’t just glass…yours is paper thin antique glass from a used furniture store in Vermont.”

There’s nothing quite like having an old friend who will call it as he sees it. He’s right of course. I’m pretty well aware of the fragility of my glass house and I try to be very open-minded. Operative word: try. But while I tend to be open-minded about the escapades of others, I’m usually far harsher with myself. Most times when I go to Reconciliation, my penance involves cutting myself some slack, accepting that I’m not ever going to have it all together. I don’t really know why that’s so hard for me. It just is, even more so now that I know how closely the boys are watching me. They’ve picked up some of my habits and mannerisms. Sometimes that’s a good thing. Their fierce competitiveness when playing a game is fun to watch. They’ve picked up my sarcasm, for better or for worse remains to be seen. Sometimes it’s not so good. One has my tendency to insist on having the last word in every argument. Ever try arguing with a mirror image of yourself? It’s maddening. The other has my tendency to throw things when he’s frustrated or angry. Also not cool.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have an honest friend who has no problem calling me out on my stuff without making me feel like a complete horse’s ass. That’s a rare gift indeed. We all need to have checks and balances in our lives. We’re all blind to things in our lives that hold us back. It takes someone who can mirror us back to ourselves to see that blind spot. Funny thing about glass houses, when you’re on the outside looking in, if you look closely, you can see your own reflection. If you’re looking for someone to be that check and balance in your life, I highly suggest you find someone with a glass house all their own.