Where Have I been?

Hello My Darling Readers,

So I’ve been hearing from many of you the same question – Where have you been?  Did you abandon the blog?  NO!  Most certainly not.  As you can see, I’ve got some new digs here on WordPress.  I’ve moved over all my posts as well as all your comments.  So all your old favorites are still available.

I’ve got an exciting announcement too.  I’ve completed my novel!  After several years and much editing, I’m finally done.  You can read a short except by clicking on the page tab above.  I’m still in search of an agent and/or publisher but if you don’t mind professionally spiral bound, I’m selling copies now.  I’ll even autograph it for you!

Will I continue to blog?  You bet!  I appreciate your enthusiasm and your patience as I’ve made this switch.  I have the best readers on all of blogdom.

yours truly,


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